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From 8 to Great Presentation
TCDSB’s Elementary Guidance program is using a transition-focused program produced by Bugs Without Borders”. This program “From 8 to Great” explores the idea of change and the feelings of fear associated with moving on from grade 8 and embarking on an exciting journey into high school (and beyond). Through interactive discussions, hands-on activities, and live animals, students will learn that everyone has a fear that affects them at least some of the time, and as they go through any kind of change or transition in their daily lives, they are likely to feel varying degrees of fear and anxiety. Students will discover that although change is inevitable, there are ways to control and transform these fears into creative and positive actions.
This memorable workshop incorporates:
  • Interactive activities pertaining to high school fears while joining forces with other team mates
  • Hands-on activities culminating an emotionally charged element of surprise…no peeking inside the boxes
  • Drawing similarities between facing the fear of challenges of High school, and facing the fear of weird and wonderful animals. A few exotic live animals will be of assistance.
“St Matthias had their “From 8 to Great” presentation in June. Common fears and strategies for overcoming them were reviewed, but the highlight was the interaction with the hissing cockroach, worms, bearded lizard, and African millipede.  It was powerful to watch the most fearful students eventually touch the animals…”  (comment from a member of school staff)
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