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Principal's Message


 September 11, 2020


Dear St. Maurice Families,
We hope you and your family are all well, safe, and healthy!  As we begin to welcome you back to St. Maurice in person, I would like to update you on many new changes to routines and procedures at the school level that are extremely important for everyone to know and follow.  We are still in a pandemic and we all need to do our part to ensure the safety of each other, both in and out of the building.
Before beginning, I would like to share some great news with you and introduce some new faces to our St. Maurice family.  Please join me in welcoming the following new staff to our school:
§  Ms. Risi – Gr. 1/2
§  Ms. Policelli – Gr. 2/3
§  Ms. Symoni – Special Education (LTO)
§  Ms. Scarcello – Secretary (LTA)
Due to the current COVID situation we are in, our school had to restructure and reorganize classes to comply with new guidelines of class size reductions to safely physical distance students in each classroom.  As a result, some classes were removed to reflect this and now our JK/SK classes will have 15 students per class.  Our primary, junior, and intermediate classes – from Grades 1-8, will have classes sizes no more than 20 students in each class.
Roughly, we have 60% of the school population returning to the school for Face-to-Face Learning and 40% of the school population is registered for the Virtual School Online.  (more details forthcoming regarding the Virtual Schools in a separate email).
With the new restructuring, this is what the classes will look like:
·        ELP 1 (JK/SK) – Ms. Pacheco & Ms. Zmack (DECE)
·        ELP 2 (JK/SK) – Ms. Smart & Ms. Abolor (DECE)
·        Gr. 1 – Ms. Loreti
·        Gr. 1/2 – Ms. Risi
·        Gr. 2/3 – Ms. Policelli
·        Gr. 4 – Ms. Dawson
·        Gr. 4/5 – Ms. Zammit
·        Gr. 6 – Ms. Davidson
·        Gr. 7 – Ms. Michaud
·        Gr. 8 – Mr. Caron
The following information is for the students returning to Face-to-Face learning at the school.  The details below are what we are putting in place to ensure all members of our community are kept safe.  Please review ALL the information and take time to review this with your son/daughter(s).
At Home Self-Assessment BEFORE coming to school:
·        Each and every morning parents must complete the Self-Assessment with their child(ren) BEFORE coming to school.
·        Each student will receive a “Passport” for you to sign and initial which indicates that your child does not display any COVID symptoms for the day and they can come to school. 
·        We will not be taking student temperatures before they come into the building.
·        If you child has any underlying conditions such as seasonal allergies, please connect with your child’s homeroom teacher to discuss symptoms of these conditions (for example: runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing,…)
·        If your child has any symptoms related to COVID, please keep them home for at least 24 hours and until they are symptom-free.
Symptoms relating to COVID:
·        Once again, if your child displays any symptoms of COVID, please keep them home.
·        If at school a child displays symptoms of COVID, then he or she will be removed from the classroom (or from outdoor space) and moved into one of our isolation rooms located near the office on the main floor.
·        If this relates to your child, then we will make phone calls to you to come pick up your child ASAP and call TeleHealth at 1-866-797-0000 or your local health care provider.  It would be a good idea to also get tested for COVID at this time and report the results to the school as soon as possible.
Classrooms and Class Lists:
·        All classroom have been cleaned and sanitized.  All desks have been separated in rows with a minimum of 1m apart or more, up to 2m distance from desk to desk.
·        Classroom doors are to remain open to maximize air flow and windows will also be open.  Fans are permitted in each classroom as long as the fans are pointed upward, facing the ceiling.
·        Classroom will be cleaned by the custodian staff 2x each day, mid-day and every night.
·        Homeroom teachers will start calling or emailing parents/guardians today to inform you on the exact start day for your child(ren).
·        Classes sizes have been reduced (see above note) and students MUST stay and remain with their own class/cohorts each time inside and outside of the building.
Entry/Exit points:
·        Since we are still in a pandemic, we need to follow protocols similar to those when going to your local store to buy items.  We will have dedicated entry and exit doors for each class to avoid crossing paths and to ensure all students come into the building safely while keeping a safe distance apart.  This also applies to them exiting the building,
·        For our little ones in JK/SK, we ask parents not to come to the entry gate but to social distance yourselves by the grass area near the from of the school.  Both classes will line up along the inside perimeter of the fence for entry and exits.  Markings are displayed on the ground to help guide students and to direct them where to stand and wait.
·        The outdoor play structure is off limits and will be closed before, during, and after school.  No children are permitted to play on the structure.
·        Before entering into the school, students will sanitize their hands with school provided sanitizer or if they may use their own personal sanitizers.
·        Students will walk inside keeping a 2m distance from one another as they make their way into their classrooms.
·        Students will walk in the school always keeping a safe distance between one another and KEEP TO THE RIGHT in the hallways and on stairwells.  Staff and teachers will guide and teach students how to walk properly throughout the school.
·        We ask that parents not come into the school yards as students need to practice lining up and staying in their cohort (with their classmates).
·        Supervision begins at 8:15am for our school.  As such, once you drop off your child, he or she will go directly to their classroom designated line and wait for other classmates.  Students MUST stay together as a class in their cohort and NOT mix with other students in different classes and different grades.
·        While outside in the open air, masks are not required.  However, students must understand that they STILL NEED TO SOCIAL DISTANCE themselves and keep at least 2m apart from one another.
·        While coming back into the building masks must be put on.  Students must sanitize first, then place masks on.
·        Before going outside, students can put their mask inside a clean garment pocket or inside a brown lunch bag.
·        At the end of the day for dismissal time at 3pm, where social distancing may be difficult, we are asking ALL of our students to wear their masks in the school yard and to leave this on until picked up by an adult.
Washroom Breaks and Hand Cleaning Breaks:
·        Students will have the opportunity to have washroom breaks and handwashing breaks throughout the day.  Staff/teachers in each division will work together to determine best times to have their own classes go together in line to use the washrooms and to wash hands.  Only 2 students at a time are permitted to use the washrooms and students will need to wait on the designated floor decals for their turn.
·        As mentioned in my previous email, our water fountains will NOT be operational.  As such, please bring 2-5 bottles of water PER DAY with your child(ren).  We suggest using 2 large re-usable bottles for this purpose.
·        Students will receive their regular recess breaks and lunch break.  Recesses will be staggered and only a few groups of classes will go outside for a 15 minute morning and afternoon break, and then another groups of classes will do the same at different times. 
·        Our lunch hour will be divided in two half-hour blocks where half of the school will eat their lunches first, then go outside for the remaining half hour.  Then, the other portion of the school will go outside first to play for half an hour, then come inside to eat their lunch.
·        All students MUST wash their hands or sanitize before and after eating throughout the day.
·        Please ensure that your child has a packed lunch and a few snacks every day. 
·        There will be NO outside lunches permitted into the school from any food deliveries companies, such as UberEats or Skip the Dishes.
·         Also, lunch drop offs are also strongly discouraged at this time.
Home/School Communications:
·        As you know, we have been trying to go paperless since last year and most of our communications are online and located on our school portal plus sent out to our community through SchoolMessenger.
·        We will continue to use this form of communication with you and email new information and details as we get updates.
·        All classroom teachers are working on creating their own Google Classrooms and/or D2L Brightspace similar to those online classrooms we had from March to June. 
·        The Google Classroom can be used to communicate with your classroom teacher as we have not purchased Agendas this year.
·        Also, this is a good area to include homework, reminders, or special events to all class members so that everyone is well aware of what is going on!
Visitors/Parents to the school:
·        Parents/guardians will not be permitted to come into the school to drop off children or to visit a classroom teacher, nor to visit the office.  All meetings will need to be done by appointment only by calling the secretary – Ms. Scarcello who will take a message and then we will follow up with you. 
·        If you are coming to pick up your child who has COVID symptoms, then you’ll need to use the main entry doors, buzz the office, and the secretary will allow you in.  Please sanitize your hands and sign in on the visitor desk.  Wait by the office on the floor decals and wait for myself to get your child.
·        As indicated above, parents/guardians are not permitted into the school yards.  (Please refer to the attached school map for your designated waiting areas/locations to pick up or drop off your child(ren). 
School Supplies:
·        As indicated in my email this week, we encourage all students to bring to school their own supplies and to label these with their full names on them.
·        Students will have their backpacks either behind their desk chairs or safely tucked under their desks.  They will not need to get out of their seats to get something as we want to avoid them touching other surfaces.
·        Students can bring their own pencils, crayons, erasers,…..and all the necessary tools they need for the day.  Students ARE NOT TO SHARE these personal items with other students.
·        Students should bring a fanny pack to school and store clean masks (2 or 3 of them), sanitizer (scent free) , paper bags (brown lunch bags) tissues,…and sort these items neatly inside their fanny packs for the entire day.
We understand that there is a lot of information here and that we have new rules and procedures to follow during these unsettling times.  However, we MUST all do our part to ensure that we look after one another and to keep each other safe and healthy!  As mentioned before, please take time to read this and review this information with your whole family so that everyone is well aware on what we are doing to help one another.  Please remember that we are in the together and that safety protocols are put in place to try to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 transmission and to keep our St. Maurice community safe!
Thank you for your continued support, cooperation, and understanding.  We look forward to seeing you next week!!  We will keep you informed of any new changes as they become available.  Please continue to be patient and check you email for updates. 




Yours in partnership,
Mr. Bucci