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School History And Tradition
The patron saint of our school St. Maurice, was an Egyptian foot soldier who, as a Christian, believed in serving in a peaceful manner. Through his martyrdom, St. Maurice reminds us of our interdependence with others and challenges us all to work together towards full growth in ourselves and in Christ.
Our school motto is Living, Loving and Learning in Christ.  All instruction, school events and activities, both past and present, are  integrated with Gospel values and the teachings of Christ.   
Nestled in a relatively quiet section of middle Etobicoke, the school caters to a wide range of cultures. Many of our students come from houses, single-family apartments and condominiums.
After an initial growth surge in the mid-1970's the school continued to grow slowly during the 1980's. This was followed by a leveling off period and subsequent decline in enrollment during the 1990's.