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- A Learning Community -
"The mission of St. Michael Catholic School is to provide our students with a learning environment that is safe and respectful so that they can be educated in mind, body and spirit to become responsible Catholic members of society."
St. Michael Catholic School
50 George Street South - Toronto, Ontario  M5A 4B2
Tel:  (416) 393-5387  Fax:  (416) 397-6057
Prayer for Children
O Lord,
Build with us children whose hearts will be clear and whose goals will be high:
Children who will master themselves before they seek to lead others;
children who will reach into the future, yet never forget the past.
And after all these things are theirs, add enough of a sense of humour so
that they may always be serious, yet never take themselves too seriously.
And, may we, their family and their teachers labour with You, that we may one day say, "I have not lived in vain."
 Through me...
Through me let there be kind words, a warm smile, a caring heart.
Through me let there be a willingness tolisten and a readiness to understand.
Through me let there be dependability, steadfastness, trust and loyality.
Through me let there be dependability, steadfastness, trust and loyalty.
Through me let there be compassion, forgiveness, mercy and love.
Through me let there be every quality I find, O Lord, in Thee.