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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Senior Basketball 2013
We had practiced after school almost every day of the week for 2 months. Our coaches were Mr. O’ Callaghan and Mr. Bianchi. Mr. O’ Callaghan went with us to the tournament. Members of the senior team included Mario Simunovic, Miguel Corea Mora, Nicholas Hernandez, Cameron Trinidad, Jeremy Tabalon- Aubin, Ifechukwu Agulefo, David Jay Daguio, Sebastian Delon, Levi Lumumba, Averyon Wiltshire, Isaiah Bronilla, Chris Randall, Noel Samson, Abraham Amdetsion and me. We played four games and came one game short of moving on. Mario was a great team captain. A big thanks goes out to our coaches for taking time to coach us.
Israel Lumumba Grade 8
On Tuesday, Oct 16 our wonderful cross country team went to Kew Beach to race other Catholic schools. During the training, it was hard trying to get 8 to 10 laps around the school but it was worth the wait it and we would be happy to do it again! Every year my friends and I always try out because it is a great experience for everyone. It gives you a chance to get better and better each year. We are all proud of the 3 students who went to the regionals on Oct 23. We wish them the best .We all want to thank Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Morrone and Mr. Bianchi for training us and wishing us our best. THANK YOU !!!
Bianca Corbeil grade 7