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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Excursion to Tim Horton Memorial Camp Feb. 25 to Feb. 27, 2013

 Tim Horton’s Camp 2013

 On February 25, the Grades 6, 7, and 8 went to Tim Horton’s Camp in Parry Sound. We had a lot of fun, from tubing, snowshoeing, eating snow cones, and going on the famous St. Mike’s Night Hike. We all got into different groups (“Black Bears, Beavers, Deer, Moose, and Wolves”). Each group got to do different things. Some had to get their group up a wall, and others went snowshoeing.  I think that everyone had the most fun at “Tubing”. You could tell that every time a group went tubing they loved it because they always had something great to say about how much fun they had. The meals there were great. You never went hungry and it was always a great time to just sit and talk before you went outside to do your activities. The cabin was great.  I especially liked my cabin because all my friends were in my cabin or right across from me. Tim Horton’s was a great opportunity for St. Michael’s students especially for the Grade 8’s since this is our last year at school. It was also great for the Grade 6 because it was their first time.  I really hope that St. Michaels can get this opportunity again. We learned to be GREAT! Goal setting, responsibility, achievement and creativity and teamwork! It was awesome…


Jahmya Grant

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Tim Horton’s Camp 2013
On February 25th to the 27th we had an amazing opportunity to go to the T.H.M.C (Tim Horton’s Memorial Camp). We learned a lot of new skills and had a lot of fun at camp. The meals were amazing not to mention the desserts they had. My favourite activity had to be “snow shoeing” because of the challenge it presented us and then the snow cone after (a snow ball with syrup on it). However, the uphill walk was excruciating and tiring but it was a lot of fun. We also went tubing which was a lot of fun too but the walk back up the hill, not so much. Some other fun activities were “below zero”, “initiatives”. We had a lot of fun on the night hike when we went in the yert. We ate “meteor” candy that made our mouths glow and spark in the dark. My two favourite activities were marshmallows in the hot chocolate river (initiatives) and the tower of jubilee (low ropes). 
Miguel CM