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Primary Students went to Forsythe Farm
Our Primary children went to Forsythe on October 28th.  The following are the stories they wrote about the experience.
Grade 1 class – Mrs. Montano
 Our class went to the farm.  We were given a big pumpkin.  We talked about the steps of carving the pumpkin.  Here are the steps:
1.  We make a face on the pumpkin by marking the eyes, nose and mouth.
2.  We open the top of the pumpkin by using a knife.
3.  We remove the seeds inside.
4.  We cut out the eyes, nose and mouth.
5.  We put a tea light inside.
Grade 2 Class - Mrs. Scott
On Monday, October 28, we went to Forsythe Farms.  We had a lot of fun.  
We fed animals, took a tractor ride, did pumpkin picking, took a walk in the forest and we did a maze.  The maze was full of corn. We had to find five colors.  It was a great day.
By: Lauren Betita Grade 2
I went to the farm yesterday. We all went to a corn maze. The colours that we found in the corn maze are red, yellow, white, green and brown. We all got a pumpkin about the size of our heads and my pumpkin was dirty.   
By: Rae Cyril Grade 2
I had mud all over my shoes.  I saw sheep, roosters and cows.  I fed the sheep.  I did not feed the cow or roster.
It was the first time that I picked a pumpkin at the Forsythe farm.  By: Ruth Binyam Grade 2
On Monday our class went to a farm trip. We got to feed the animals. After we went to a forest, we learned how many years the plants grow and the names of the plants. Also we picked pumpkins.
By: Christopher Kamiya  Grade 2