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Thanks to the Officials and The Tim Horton Camp Foundation
St. Michael students had an opportunity to enjoy the Leafs versus Blues hockey game  on Tuesday March 25th.  We are so appreciative to the Officials and Tim Horton's for thinking of us.  Our students had an opportunity to go to the "Situation Room", speak with the Announcer, tour the NHL Headquarters, tour the ACC, watch the Leafs practice AND speak for a long time with the officials to the Officials before and after the game.  The Officials shared how difficult their job is and answered all of their questions.  The students sat at ice level during the pre-game warm-up and watched the game from excellent seats.  Thanks to the Officials, and The Tim Horton Camp Foundation for this incredible opportunity.
Leaf's game.JPG
At the NHL Headquarters with NHL Director of Officiating, Stephen Walkom and Ryan and Gillian from Tim Horton Memorial Camp.
St. Michael Refs.JPG

The students in their NHL Referee jerseys at ice level.  They are with NHL officials, Steve Miller, Ghislain Hebert, Marc Joannette and Matt MacPherson.
St. Michael's with Announcer.JPG

Pre-game in the commentator's booth with Mr. Joe Bowen.