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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Office of the Director of Education

April 24, 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians, Catholic School Advisory Councils, Principals and Staff of:
  • St. Michael and St. Paul
As you are aware, a business case requesting funding of a new 500 pupil place school on the Duke of York site was submitted to the Ministry on January 27, 2017.  The Board is still awaiting the decision of the Ministry which is now anticipated in May 2017. 
As stated in a previous letter, the process of consolidation of St. Michael and St. Paul will not begin until funding is confirmed for a new combined school for these communities. As we are now well into April, the earliest that the consolidation of the two schools would take place, if funding is approved, would be for the 2018/19 school year.
Should you wish to inquire regarding, / advocate for, a funding decision in this matter, Trustee Davis would like to encourage you to contact the office of the Hon. Glen Murray (the local MPP), at (416) 972-7683. As always, your dedication and commitment to Catholic education in the City of Toronto is appreciated.  
Further communication to your communities will be provided when new information concerning the funding request is received.   
We look forward to your involvement throughout this process as we work together to meet the needs of the students and families of these communities.

Angela Gauthier
Director of Education

cc.   John Shain, Acting Superintendent of Learning, Student Achievement and Well-Being
        Angelo Sangiorgio, Associate Director Planning and Facilities 
        Rory McGuckin, Associate Director Academic Affairs 
        Jo-Ann Davis, Trustee