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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Ms. Matthews’ Grade 4 Class
Gives Back this Christmas

Grade 4 class
Ms. Matthews’ Grade 4 Class would like to share with you some of the awesome things we’ve done for our school, community, family and friends!
‘My name is Sabrina. I helped donate to my church. I also give people who are poor clothes and money. I got to go to my mom’s work to help refugees and give them money. I brought a bag of clothes for our Christmas Hampers.’
‘Hi My name is Acyria. I have 2 siblings that play basketball 1 girl 1 boy. I play too! Anyway I did a lemonade stand to help Salvation Army in the summer, all my clothes and shoes that I can’t fit into anymore go to Once Upon a Child. At school we are giving things like hats, jackets, scarves, etc. Merry Christmas!’
‘Hi, my name is Brandon. My good acts are participating in class and stopping fights and helping kids when they are hurt and listening to my friends nicely. What I’ve done for my school is I participated in the Zinc Saves Lives Battery Recycling Campaign and my school’s Halloween Dance-a-thon. I was participating in reading with JKs and SKs.’
‘My name is Davious. I’m a grade 4 student and I like to play hockey and some basketball. I gave the homeless my old toy and games and my old sweaters at the Salvation Army.’
‘Greetings my name is Athena. At thanksgiving I drove around giving food to poor people all around downtown Toronto. I gave money to raise for animals.’
‘My name is Kenneth and I’m in grade 4 student at St. Michael Catholic School.  I donate money for the poor and donate clothes to the Salvation Army.’
‘My name is Nika and I’m in grade 4. I donated money for poor people that sleep on streets, don’t have any food or water. So me and my mom gave some money to the poor people to make them feel good and happy. And for these people that lost their family.’
In the words of Jordyn, ‘the other things we do is we all participated in our school Dance-a-thon, we had to raise money for our school to go on trips and things that other schools get to do.’