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Toronto Catholic District School Board

requirements.jpgApplication Process

Auditions are conducted each year for Grade 2 boys in Toronto Catholic District School Board elementary schools. Auditioners visit local elementary schools between January and April each year. Boys who demonstrate musical aptitude and talent are given a letter to take home to parents inviting their son to a follow-up audition at the Choir School. When visiting the elementary schools,
auditioners may also audition boys in upper grades who have demonstrated an advanced level of musical skill and achievement.
Audition posters are also sent to each parish in the Archdiocese of Toronto in January notifying parish families of the auditions.
For students not currently enrolled in the Toronto Catholic District School Board, parents are encouraged to call the St. Michael’s Choir School Music Office to discuss admissibility and the audition process.
Audition Appointments at St. Michael’s Choir School
The admission process has two stages; both of which are conducted by appointment only. The first stage is the formal audition at the Choir School where boys are tested individually for musicality and vocal ability. Only those applicants who pass the audition will be invited to return for the second stage of academic testing. Audition dates are noted below.
For more information on the audition process, please check our website at -Click - admission tab.
 Vocal Audition Procedures
Students are auditioned one-on-one by the Elementary or Junior Choir Conductor. During their one-on-one vocal audition, students will be led through, and evaluated on, the following excercises:
  1. Sing O Canada (a cappella if possible)
  2. Ear testing: melody and chord sing-back
  3. Vocal warm-ups
  4. Optional (not required) performance of a piano or instrumental piece
Vocal Audition Dates:
Vocal auditions are scheduled in 10 minute time slots. Audition dates for 2018-2019 are as follows:

February 11, 2018                 February 24, 2018

March 3, 2018

What to Bring to the Audition
On the day of the audition, please bring with you the student’s June Report card and this year's first term report card, if applicable. The student should also bring along his music books and/or musical instruments for the audition.