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Toronto Catholic District School Board


Principal's Message
555555030.BMPAt the Choir School, your son will learn in an environment that gives him every opportunity to excel. We offer an enriched academic program that provides a solid foundation in core subjects such as English and Mathematics that will afford him the necessary skills to study selected subjects in greater depth. The Choir School is unique in that the complete academic program is integrated with a lively ministry of sacred music in a school environment that reinforces the values of Catholic education. The St. Michael’s Choir School community operates on the premise that life is guided by faith and is lived according to Gospel values. Central to these values is the idea that each person has great dignity and deserves the highest respect.
Our students acquire the skills and discipline necessary for success in life after graduation. They earn a place in the university they choose and many go on to professional and graduate degrees. It is our hope that our graduates will also be well-rounded individuals confident, caring, and committed to the well-being of those around them, with the knowledge that they belong to a community that will be with them throughout their life. Once a chorister always a chorister.

Finally, we believe that the education of our students is a partnership of parents, school faculty and the parish community. Together, we share the responsibility for the formation of our students. Our parents are committed to the mission of the Choir School. They soon come to realize that St. Michael’s Choir School is a very special place for their sons to learn, grow, and thrive. Our parent community is very active in the life of our school and collectively support the school by volunteering, fundraising and providing a warm and nurturing home environment for their sons. St. Michael’s Choir School is a caring and exciting community with a clearly stated set of values.
Barry White


Barry White,  Principal
Barry White has been principal of St. Michael's Choir School since September, 2010. Raised in Ottawa, Mr. White came to Toronto to pursue undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Toronto. Mr. White has worked for the Toronto Catholic District School Board for 27 years with teaching experience at both the elementary and secondary levels before becoming an administrator in 2002. Mr White is also the president of the Catholic Teachers Guild which organizes the annual Education Mass for the archdiocese. Mr White and his wife, Lorraine have three children, one of whom, Dylan, is a graduate of the Choir School, class of 2006.