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St. Michael’s Choir School students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular league and intramural sports. The following is a brief outline of the school’s current year sports activities. Please check back regularly for updates.

Click here to go to the TDCAA website for updated league scores and standings for all league sports. 
Tennis (High School)
This year we will be competing in the Junior and Senior levels of the of the TDCAA tennis tournament. This is our first year of entry and we have the following matches;
•Joseph Sebastian, grade 9, junior boys singles
•Damien Macedo, grade 12, senior boys singles
•Robert Painco and Stefan Wojcik, senior boys pairs
The tournament is to be held on Thursday September 30th at Sir Winston Churchill Tennis Club on St. Clair Avenue.
TDCAA Tennis Tournament Results
Junior Boys Singles: Joseph Sebastian :    3-5  5-0
Senior Boys Singles: Damien Macedo :   1-5  5-3  2-5
Senior Boys Doubles: Robert Painco &  Stefan Wojcik: 2-5  5-0

 SMCS Tennis


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SMCS Swimming Program 2010 – 2011
The St. Michael’s Choir School swim program has been very successful for the past two years. The swim program is available to all boys in the school from grades 3 to 12.
Golf (High School)


We will be sending two boys to the TDCAA golf tournament at Station Creek Golf Course on October 5th. The two players are Jules Coutinho (grade 9) and Ryan Nunes (grade 10)

 SMCS Golf (High School)


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Intermediate Soccer (Grades 7-8)
Congratulations to the Intermediate Soccer team for winning the Divisional pennant on 22nd.
Junior (High School) Volleyball
Congratulations to the Junior High School Volleyball team for winning the seeding tournament on Friday May 13th.  As a result of this victory the team is no ranked first overall and will now play for the league championship.
Junior Volleyball team picture

Intermediate Volleyball
On Friday October 22nd and Saturday October 23rd our intermediate volleyball team played in the Catholic Cup Tournament in Oakville. In the preliminary round on Friday the team managed a fourth place finish and then moved to the B championship round on Saturday. The team played some inspired games and finished in second to capture the silver medals.
Congratulations to all of the team members, coaches Mr. Rod Humana and Ms. Lisa James and Mr. Tarascio.
More tournaments coming up soon.
Go Spartans Go!

 SMCS Soccer and Volleyball


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Grade 4 - 6 Basketball (Junior)
The Junior (elementary) team will play their regional tournament on Tuesday April 12th. Good luck to the team and Coach White!
High School Intramural Basketball:
The intramural basketball season concluded on Monday March 23rd with a victory by the Panthers. Congratulations to the members of the team; Stefan Wojcik, Genosh Manuelpillai, Anders Marshall, Tim Paddon, John Declaro, Zack Crichton, Patrick Parro