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Advisory Board
Board governance is a deciding component of organizational performance. Effective governance ensures objectives are realized, resources are well managed, and the interests of stakeholders are protected and reflected in key decisions.
During the 08/09 academic year the Advisory and Corporate Boards of St. Michael’s Choir School, along with Choir School management, embarked on a review of the existing governance model at the school. This project was precipitated by the incorporation of the school in July 2008, and the objective of activating the charitable status of the school’s Foundation.
Together the board members and management established a revised governance structure, developed governance guidelines, confirmed the essential standing committees and nominated new board members based on key skills and expertise. We are very grateful for the effort and attention given by all during this review.
The first meeting of the revitalized Advisory Board is scheduled for Thursday, September 17th 2009. During this first meeting we will introduce our new members, confirm assignments to board roles standing committees and set dates and goals for our remaining 09/10 board meetings.
 Advisory Board Mandate
 The Advisory Board for the Music Division of St. Michael’s Choir School will:

Ensure the organization is effective and strategic in its planning, and that programs and services align with the school’s mission;
Recommend approval of the school’s budget and fiscal year-end statements to the Corporate Board;
Recommend uses of the school’s Foundation’s funds to the Corporate Board;
Participate in, and have visibility of, the organization’s sub-committees (standing committees);
Enhance the public image of St. Michael’s Choir School.

The Advisory Board for academic year 2017/2018 is composed of the following members. 


Dr. Joseph Gasser, Alumnus, Board Chair
Ms. Anne Bolger, friend
Fr. Michael Busch, Rector, St. Michael's Cathedral
Fr. Ivan Camillieri, Chancellor of Spiritual Affairs, Archdiocese of Toronto
Fr. Brian Clough, Alumnus
Mr. William Dunlop, Comptroller, Archdiocese of Toronto
Ms. Kathryn Lagroix, past parent, Finance Chair
Fr. Larry Leger, friend, Nominating Committee Chair
Mr. James Milway, Chancellor of Temporal Affairs, Archdiocese of Toronto
Mr. John Nelligan, Class of 1980, Alumnus
Dr. Constance Price, Office of Formation for Discipleship
Mr. Geoffrey Rawlinson, Class of 1991, Alumnus Parent, Advancement Committee Chair
Ex: Officio:
Ms. Angela Barbieri, Senior Manager, Operations, Secretary to the Advisory Board
Mr. Stephen Handrigan, Director, Choral Institute
Mr. Linton Soares , Principal
 Advisory Board Appointments
All nominations will be subject to the approval by the Corporate Board and ultimately, the Archbishop, as Chancellor of the school. The Board composition will be reviewed annually using the Board Member Matrix to ensure a broad base of skills and experience in the membership.