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Catholic School Parent Council (CSPC)
The St. Michael’s Choir School Parent Council, known as “CSAC”, is an advisory group of elected parents, educators, students and appointed community members responsible to assist the principal in the decision-making process on educational issues. 
Meetings are open to the parent community and we encourage all parents to attend. The meetings are held 6 times during the school year and held in the Auditorium at 66 Bond Street at 7:00 pm.
The mandate of the CSPC is:

  •  to improve student achievement and enhance the accountability of the education system to parents as it pertains to St. Michael’s Choir School

  • to carry out fundraising activities in accordance with board policies for the benefit of the school population

Funds  raised by this dedicated group of people goes directly to the operation of the school. Throughout the school year CSPC sponsors Bake Sales, the Uniform Exchange and other events. Any profits are used to benefit the boys directly in various ways: purchase of equipment for the music lab, shelving for classrooms, celebrations. Meetings are listed in the School Calendar. They provide an opportunity to meet with other members of the “Choir School Family” and to discuss matters of mutual interest or concern. 
Your CSPC reps for the 2016-2017 academic year are:
  • Co-Chair              Pina Povolo/ Louise Zeni
  • Secretary            Jeanette Goulin
  • Treasurer             Angela Racco
  • OAPCE Rep          Christine Rawlinson
  • Uniform Liaison:  Kelly Margani

Parents are welcome to suggest discussion items for upcoming meetings.  They may contact the co-chairs by email to