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Types of Gifts

Ways to support St. Michael’s Choir School 

There are many different ways to give back in thanksgiving for the many blessings we have received. This section will give you a brief outline of the various vehicles that exist to leave a lasting legacy to St. Michael’s Choir School. Remember, you can contact us at anytime if you have questions or specific concerns about your own estate.
Donations can be made in honour or in memory of loved ones.
Please consider the following list of ways to make your current gifts beneficial for both you and the Choir School.
Gifts of current assets
While the simplest way to support the Choir School is through cash gifts, you can also provide creative gifts of assets, including securities (stocks) and personal property such as coins, stamps and other property. You can save a considerable amount of tax on what you are already giving by using these methods!
Gifts by Will

Anyone can make a gift through a Will. Did you know that through your estate you can get back 100% (or more) of the tax you will pay? You can save your family tax, time and distress by properly preparing your Estate plans. (Free Estate Planning kits are available from the Archdiocese of Toronto.)
Gifts of life insurance and registered funds

Would you like to make a substantial gift to the Choir School but need to ensure that your assets are retained for your family? A gift of life insurance allows you many options to extend your Choir School support beyond your lifetime, ensure your family will be taken care of, and offer you considerable tax benefits.
Remember to work with a good advisor!

By planning your charitable giving, you make a bigger impact with your contributions and legacy gifts. Good advisors can help you support the Choir School, protect your family and create a legacy you can be proud of today and that will last forever. Always consult your advisor about any major charitable giving you are considering today or in your estate plan. The Archdiocese of Toronto has a list of Catholic advisors to help supporters of the Choir School create their own estate plans. Please contact us to get a copy or join this list.
For more information on any of the above gifts to St. Michael’s Choir School, please contact the Choir School office at 416-393-5518 or Paul Nazareth, Manager of Planned Giving and Major Gifts toll free at (416) 934-0606 or via e-mail at
All calls are confidential.
This information provided is general in nature, does not constitute legal or financial advice, and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional advice. We strongly encourage you to seek professional legal, estate planning and/or financial advice before deciding upon your course of action.