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Milk Bag Mats Project


On Monday January 20, the grade 10 Religion class of St. Michael’s Choir School took to the streets of downtown Toronto distributing food and clothing to the needy. These street patrols are something the Choir School boys engage in regularly, but this time, there was a new item being distributed. 8 big mats made from used milk bags crocheted together to form a surface that one can sit on or lie down on were also handed out. Ms. Ulrike Licht, Kindergarten teacher at St. Joseph’s Catholic elementary school spear-headed this initiative collecting used milk bags from the community and turning them into mats for members of Toronto’s disenfranchised. The advantages of these mats are multiple: (1) they keep discarded milk bags out of landfills where they take years to break down, (2) they provide a warm surface for the homeless members of our city that don’t—unlike cardboard—deteriorate in the rain (3) and they are resistant against bacteria due to the material that the plastic is coated with to keep the milk free of contamination.
When the 20 students and their teacher, Mr. Andrew Hume, took to the streets to distribute the mats, they were met with enthusiasm from many excited recipients.
A huge thank you goes out to all the communities who helped Mrs. Licht collect used milk bags and turn them into “plarn” (plastic yarn), including St. Joseph’s Catholic school, St. Michael’s Choir School, St. John’s Catholic School and parish, Notre Dame Catholic School, and Senator O’Connor College School.



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