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Holy Week​ - March 29 2021 

A Blessed Holy Week to you all.  This year at SMCS we are supporting an elementary school in Meru, Kenya through Chalice Canada.  Our Senior Prefects have put together a mini "assembly" explaining the needs of Kandubai Primary School and the ways we can support the students in that community

Our Goal 

Our total goal is to raise $6500 (2021-2022) (up to $4000 this school year) for desks and chairs for the school (see the video above for more details).  In the spirit of competition, each SMCS house has been assigned a goal of $1000 on the Chalice donations 

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This partnership allows us to listen, to pray and to understand one another throughout this unique time in history.  It also provides us with an opportunity to not only give charitably, but to connect with the realities of other children around the world.  Kandubai Primary School currently has approximately 300 students, many of whom are considered most vulnerable.  As Pope Francis reminded us this year, "Touching Christ’s wounds in the poor helps create better world."  Let us take some time to pray for the students & staff at Kandubai Primary, to give generously to support their education and to discuss with our families the unique challenges that children face around the world.  

Here is the video that the Senior Prefects produced.  An Amazing job!!!!!

Thanks to Mr. Cummings and Ms. Navaratnasingham - Chaplain of SMCS​