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2010SeniorChoirSpringTour 2010SeniorChoirSpringTour  2010 Senior Choir Spring Tour   25 12 months ago
AChristmasCelebration AChristmasCelebration  A Christmas Celebration - Annual Gala at Massey Hall   40 12 months ago
AChristmasOverture AChristmasOverture  A Christmas Overture   50 12 months ago
AGiftofMusic AGiftofMusic  A Gift of Music   29 12 months ago
Funeral Funeral  Funeral   22 12 months ago
FuneralServiceforKathleenMann FuneralServiceforKathleenMann  Funeral Service for Kathleen Mann   27 12 months ago
FuneralServiceforMsgrArmstrong FuneralServiceforMsgrArmstrong  Funeral Service for Msgr. Armstrong   12 12 months ago
SingWeNoelNoelWeSing SingWeNoelNoelWeSing  Sing We Noel, Noel We Sing   48 12 months ago
TenebraeService TenebraeService  Tenebrae Service   43 12 months ago
ThePriestsandChoiristers ThePriestsandChoiristers  The Priests and Choiristers from St. Michael's Choir School   20 12 months ago