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​Congratulations to Luke Clifford and Luke De Dominicis

​Luke Clifford and Luke De Dominicis from St. Michael's Choir School entered the song writing competition hosted by the Youth Musician Commission of Massey Hall and Roy Thompson Hall 2021 and placed in the top 10.

Picture of Luke Clifford - Grade 6 Picture of Luke De Dominicis - Grade 6
​Luke Clifford - Grade 6​ ​Luke De Dominicis - Grade 6

From: Mr. McKie

I am very happy to report that Luke Clifford and Luke De Dominicis entered the song writing competition hosted by the Youth Musician Commission of Massey Hall and Roy Thompson Hall, which is intended for High School students. Although they are only in grade 6, they placed in the top 10, and had their song reviewed by Shakura S’Aida. I am thrilled and proud of their achievement. 


This was their first effort at putting together an electronic music composition through Sound Trap (which Mr. Fernandes kindly purchased a license for the grade 5 and 6 students), and I think it demonstrates the boundless ability and potential that our students possess.


Luke Clifford and Luke De Dominicis received a letter from Youth Musician Commission.  Please let us congratulate them on their accomplishment. 


A letter to Luke Clifford from Youth Musician Commission. Please read below:

Dear Luke,


Thank you for participating in the Youth Musician Commission’s song contest. We enjoyed listening to your music and were thoroughly impressed with the skill and composition of every musician who submitted a song. There were many submissions this year, making it extremely difficult to choose winners from such a talented and hardworking group of youth. We regret to inform you that you didn’t win the contest this year. However, you placed in the top 10 which means you get feedback on your song from our adjudicator Shakura S’Aida, a professional vocalist and songwriter. Her comments are below:

  • What a great beginning for a song. There is a lot of potential in this song. 
  • If you are planning on keeping the song instrumental, then maybe you can experiment with switching 0:00-0:06 with 0:00-0:12 in order to build the song more organically. 
  • If you are open to adding lyrics, then 0:06 on would be a great place for the lyrics to start and perhaps you could double or quadruple that section (depending on length of your verse).
  • 0:13-0:25 is a great chorus section – is there a way to create smoother transition from the previous section and also perhaps make it a bit longer? 
  • 0:56 sounds like it would be a great song on its own – would love to see you explore developing those last two sections deeper and more extensively. 
  • All in all, I would also consider lengthening the song in its entirety so that there is more time to enjoy all of the great music you’ve created.

We loved listening to your song and we think others will too, which is why we’d like to share your music on our Instagram and YouTube pages to increase your audience (if you’ve uploaded your song to a streaming platform) and to increase confidence.


We will be having a song contest again next year and we hope you will consider participating. If you’d like to get involved with youth music initiatives that we organize, you can stay tuned by looking at our Instagram account @youthmusiciancommission.

Thank you again for your participation, and we wish you the best in your future endeavours!


Youth Musician Commission