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Principal's Message

Welcome to St. Monica Catholic School! We take pride in providing a safe and nurturing learning environment where students are inspired to learn in a curriculum that is rooted in Gospel values and informed by the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations. 

Centered on the teachings of Christ, our aim is to provide a nurturing and caring environment that will help every child achieve their potential. Our school motto is founded on “Learning and Walking with Jesus”, we want to work closely with families to meet the needs of all the students at St. Monica. 

We strongly believe our parents play an integral role to student success. We look forward to working in partnership with our parents and invite each family to take an active role in our school community as we in collaboration nurture the relationship between home, school and parish. 

We look forward to working with our parish, St. Monica Church, as they guide us in our faith journey. We believe in the critical role that our Catholic faith holds in promoting Gospel values, social justice, environmental responsibility, and the common good for all our students and school community. 

Our staff is dedicated in promoting opportunities to enhance our students’ ability to apply critical and innovative thinking and we strive to create welcoming, healthy and equitable learning spaces for all. Parents are encouraged to contact your child’s teacher or our office for any inquiries you may have. 

May God bless you and our St. Monica community rooted in the love of Christ. May our students grow in grace, kindness, knowledge, and lead lives of faith. 

Best Regards, 

Laura Smith 

Principal ​