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School History And Tradition
St. Monica is one of the oldest schools in the Toronto Catholic District School Board with a history stretching over 87 years. In 1916, members of St. Monica Parish approached the Separate School Board to ask for a portable school on Broadway Avenue close to St. Monica Church. In 1916, the Ministry of Education lists two sisters of St. Joseph as having been the first teachers at St. Monica. In 1918, there were 138 pupils enrolled in the school. At some point in later years, by 1935 at the latest, the school came into the care of the Loretto Sisters. A permanent building was erected on the site by 1925, with additions in 1955, 1963, and 1966.
St. Monica Old PhotoThe school is named after St. Monica, who was the mother of St. Augustine. She was born into a Christian family in 332 A.D. Through prayer and sacrifice, St. Monica dedicated her life to her son’s, St. Augustine, spiritual rebirth.  She was a woman of great inner resources anchored by a profound faith. Her faith, hope and love were heroically tested and proved pure in the crucible of suffering.  St. Monica is a woman whose powerful example as a wife and mother can be an inspiration and a model. She is the patron saint of parents, married women, and widows. She is believed to have a special significance for parents experiencing difficulties.