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Feeding the Homeless

On Tuesday May 5, 2015 nineteen students from Blessed Mother Teresa CSS had the opportunity to celebrate Catholic Education Week by putting their faith into action. The students prepared bagged meals and hand-delivered them to the needy in the streets of Toronto. 
They took part in a walking-tour of downtown, lead by teachers: Alexandra Bolcic and Christopher Pereira.  The walk brought them to sights like The Homeless Memorial, Nathan Philip's Square and other landmarks that are important to the street life of Toronto.
On the tour students approached the homeless, offered them the food and drinks they had prepared, and got an opportunity to interact one on one with them. It was an eye opener for many of the participants, as the focus was the humanness of all of God's people. This year the group was treated to a poetry reading in Trinity Square by a man named Mike who had written a poem to be read at the next homeless memorial service. From this experience many students reported that their outlook towards the homeless has changed, and they have developed their sense of empathy towards others.
Overall a great experience for staff and students to extend some goodness to others in need.
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