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School History And Tradition

The school narrowly missed being named Mary Ward, and, largely due to the influence of its then trustee, Harold Adams, came to be called Mother Teresa. The ideals and spirit of Mother Teresa give the school its motto Amare et Servire (to love and serve).

Though the history is not a long one, it is sharply divided into two parts: the first four years endearingly referred to as the “Tin Can” experience because the school resided in relocatables and a port-o-pac and the new expansionist era, which began with year five in 1989-90 when under the leadership of the founding principal, George Iantorno, a school of 650 left the port-o-pac and moved into the magnificent new structure and promptly doubled its enrolment.

In this grand new building, the centerpiece of which is a large, very attractive, naturally well-lit atrium, the school had its second beginning. It now faced the task of integrating many new staff and students into the life and traditions of the school. The intimacy and ease of communication of the port-o-pac is no longer there, but the staff and students are addressing themselves to the kind of strategies needed to create a Christian community.

Blessed Mother Teresa CSS has in its brief history shown itself to be a community school in two very fundamental ways: it embraces some 54 different ethnic minorities and it seeks to educate all who come to it from the Malvern Community taking in students representing the complete spectrum of intellectual, artistic and athletic talent.