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The goal of the Department is to provide opportunities and guidance for students to develop the acquisition of French Language knowledge and skills.
The Department endeavours to enhance the Ontario curriculum and inspire students to learn French in an interactive and engaging way using action-oriented approach imbedded in CEFR.
Learners use language by performing tasks to communicate in a variety of contexts.
Examples of these social tasks include, greeting, apology, requests, invitation, compliments or refusal.
Students in the core French program are not only accumulating banks of new vocabulary; they develop competence along with strategies to communicate effectively.
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They interact  through listening, speaking, reading, and writing in actual simulated real-life situations.





The Department also gathers information about student learning using a variety  of assessment strategies and tools. Assessment for and as learning is used to inform instruction, and help students monitor their progress towards their learning goals.
Students who take French throughout the four years of f7.gif
high school receive a certificate  with their high school diploma.
CEFR is a reference tool developed by the Council of Europe to provide a common basis for Language learning and teaching.


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