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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Mathematics Department



The mathematics program at SMT provides students an engaging and interactive environment where they solve real – life problems in order to deepen and consolidate mathematics learning.  Students are presented with opportunities to exercise their critical thinking and communication skills to collaborate creatively with their peers in innovative work. 
Our classes work with the most up- to- date technology, applications and programs including iPads, SMART technologies, Knowledgehook, D2L, Texas Instruments and other graphing technologies, SMART boards, and many other learning tools in order to enrich learning experiences.  Students are also encouraged to bring their own device to access resources and applications online. 


Students will have access to learning management systems with course materials, additional lunchtime and after school help, after school numeracy classes (grade 9) and much more. 
For those students suited for an enriched learning environment, Pre-AP and AP courses are offered in Mathematics starting in grade 9.  More information and application forms are available under the Specialty Programs section of the website.  We take part in the University of Waterloo Mathematics Competitions each year!



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