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St. Mother Teresa is Ranked No. 1 at York University 2019 FIRST Robotics District Event


Robotics team

St. Mother Teresa for the second year in a row is the York University 2019 FIRST Robotics District Event winner.  SMT Titans - Team 6140 dominated this weekend’s event – Destination Deep Space.  This diverse team finished in First Place having won 17 of 19 games. In spite this only being their first event – the remarkable win catapulted Mother Teresa to #21 of 179 teams in the Province.  Students will play their final match at McMaster University April 5 to 7.
St. Mother Teresa, as the event’s #1 team and Alliance Captain strategically chose a veteran team to complement 6140’s efficiently designed intake system. As a final pick, Titans invited Senator O’Connor’s Team 6141 to close out the alliance. 
The SMT Alliance later competed in the finals against the #5 seeded Alliance which included Neil McNeil Team 6975.  Having 3 TCDSB teams faceoff in the finals was awesome.
A true sense of comradery existed between Neil McNeil and SMT Titans. The history shared, stems from a strong bond established between the two teams.  Both teams worked very closely during the Robotics Season.   Following the reveal of the 2019 FIRST Robotics Challenge on January 5th students from SMT met at Neil McNeil every Saturday. Team 6140 had the opportunity to be mentored in all areas.  The two teams formed great friendships and enjoyed building their robotics alongside each other.
Congratulations to FIRST Robotics finalists St. Mother Teresa; Senator O’Connor and Neil McNeil.​