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School History And Tradition


St. Nicholas of Bari Catholic School provides a Catholic education for the students living in the vicinity of Rogers Road and Caledonia. Located within the former city of York, extending north to Eglinton, and south to St. Clair, the narrow school boundaries draw children from close to 500 families.

In 1972 approval was given by the Toronto Catholic District School Board (formerly the Metropolitan Separate School Board) to build a Catholic school named St. Nicholas of Bari. During its early years, the school community was composed primarily of Italian families who had recently immigrated to Canada.

Over the years the school community has changed significantly. The present population of students is now a diverse blend of cultural backgrounds. While Portuguese continues to predominate, many families of Spanish heritage from Central and South America have recently joined the school community. Despite its fluctuating population however, what has remained constant is the unique educational needs of the students to develop the language skills necessary to integrate successfully into Canadian society while developing pride and confidence in their home culture.