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Admissions and Registration
New students are always welcome to our school community.
The Board makes every effort to accommodate students at the school of their choice. Placement will be offered based on the physical capacity of the school, local demand and program availability. Please be advised that living within a school boundary DOES NOT GUARANTEE PLACEMENT. When placement is not possible in the school requested, students will be offered a placement at the nearest TCDSB school with space and program availability. Transportation may be provided in accordance with our Transportation Policy and budget availability.
For general information about admissions and registration, including the new online application process, please visit the main board website.
For specific inquiries about our school, please call us any time.


New Students (Admissions and Registration)

Many of our schools are open to all students residing in the City of Toronto. The Community School Locator is an interactive program that lets you pinpoint your community school and closest Extended French and French Immersion schools the student is eligible to attend, based upon their home address and grade.

Boundary and street data contained in the Community School Locator are updated regularly. Boundary adjustments, new streets and address ranges may affect school availability. School eligibility may be unobtainable for residents in new subdivisions or addresses. Please contact the Planning Services department for school eligibility.
Although we make every effort to ensure the information within School Locator is as current and accurate as possible, we do not assume liability for unintentional errors, omissions or incomplete information, or decisions made by users on the basis of this information. Parents are encouraged to contact the schools listed to confirm enrolment eligibility before taking any action based on this information.
Please review the information below when considering placement in a Toronto Catholic District school.

Student Application Form  Introducing New Online Version
Beginning January 8, 2014, the Toronto Catholic District School Board is pleased to offer parents an option to complete the Student Application Form online at
Our form has been re-designed to be convenient, concise and helpful utilizing guiding questions and on-line assistance to guide parents through the completion of the Student Application Form. 
Our form is available to parents in English and the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, Czech, French, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog, Tamil, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.  Parents are required to register providing a valid e-mail address, password and their language preference.  On occasion, the parent may need to pose questions to their community school or the Admissions and Placement department.  The parent may exit the Student Application Form at any time and be assured that the information they entered has been saved and can be accessed when they return to the form.
Based upon the student’s address, the form will notify the parent of their community school, transportation eligibility, and fixed boundaries.  All elementary schools have fixed boundaries for the Full Day Kindergarten (FDK) program, and several schools have fixed boundaries in place from Junior Kindergarten through to grade 8.  Parents are encouraged to apply to their community school,  and if needed, complete the Out of Boundary Request section.  The child will be placed on a waiting list at the out-of-boundary school and the parent will be notified if space is available. 
Upon completion, the parent will be invited to book an appointment with the school.  Completing the form does not guarantee registration.  An appointment is necessary for the school to review the Student Application Form with the parent, review original documentation, and discuss any educational and medical concerns the parent may have.  An e-mail will be sent to the parent and school confirming the appointment, including a list of original documents the parent must bring to the appointment.  Where possible, we invite the parent to bring their child to the appointment.
Student registrations for the 2014-2015 school year will also be accepted in paper format.  We encourage parents to complete their child’s application on-line.  If you do not have access to a computer, please consider using the computer at the public library or from the home of a friend. 
Methods to Apply
 Online (
 Paper  (link to PDF)
Criteria for Admission to a Toronto Catholic School
ELEMENTARY School Admissions:
The following original documents (for your child) are required upon registration:
   1) Birth Certificate
   2) Proof of Catholicity (one of the following):
       - Your child's Catholic baptismal certificate
       - The parent's Catholic baptismal certificate (some conditions may apply)
       - A letter of enrolment to the R.C.I.A./R.C.I.C. programme from a Catholic
         parish priest.
   3) Passport/Immigration Documents (if child was not born in Canada)
   4) Proof of Address (some examples: a lease agreement, utility bill, proof of
   5) Immunization Record
For further information or to make an appointment for registration, please contact your local elementary school.
Please note:
Non-Catholic children of Non-Catholic parents who are not enrolled in the R.C.I.A./R.C.I.C. programme are not eligible for admittance to TCDSB elementary schools.
SECONDARY School Admissions:
Secondary schools are open to all students residing in the City of Toronto. Students living outside of Toronto (but within Ontario) may apply to a secondary school without payment of a fee. Placement will be offered ONLY IF THERE IS SPACE AVAILABLE.
New Permanent Residents arriving in Canada who would like to be placed in a TCDSB secondary school must contact our ORIENTATION CENTRE at (416) 393-5500 to book an appointment for registration (see related links).
Please note:
The Admissons & Placement Department is not responsible for students wanting to transfer between TCDSB secondary schools. Such transfers are to be arranged by the student and the school.
For further information please contact your local secondary school. 
October/November:   Secondary schools host OPEN HOUSES for Grade 8 Students. Please plan to attend the open house for your local Secondary School. These evenings provide important information regarding registration and offer a look at the activities, history and life of the school.
TC​DSB grade 8 students begin the application process to secondary school. Students will receive all information and direction from their elementary school.
The Secondary School Waiting List Application forms are available at all TCDSB Secondary Schools or from our website for all
non-TCDSB students wishing to apply.
January:   KINDERGARTEN and EARLY FRENCH IMMERSION registration begins!
​Late January: ​Redirection process begins. If students are not able to be placed at their initial choice of secondary school, due to oversubscription from students in that school's area, they will be offered an alternative placement at the closest secondary school that still has available space (please be advised that if you initially apply to a high school outside your area and are not accepted it is not always possible to offer placement back in your local school).
​Secondary Schools begin offering placements to applicants.
​Late March: ​TCDSB students are able to, through their elementary school principal, submit Secondary School change requests.
​April to September: ​Secondary schools offer waitlist applicants placements as spaces become available. 
For further information or assistance, please contact the
Admissions & Placement Department at: (416) 222-8282  ext. 5320 ​​
General information: (416)-222-8282 ext. 5314
Orientation Centre (for newcomer secondary school students): (416)-393-5500