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Principal's Message

“Learning for all no matter whatever it takes!”  Anonymous_Another_apple.jpg

We will encourage our students to grow to their full potential.  Our focus will be on improving student overall achievement and learning.  We want all our students to achieve a level of success and as a result we will consider the individual needs of our students.  Our focus will be on literacy and numeracy as these are vital curriculum areas that are vehicles to ALL learning.

In addition, we will continue to nurture the faith and character development within our students. We will focus on the virtue of each month, with an emphasis on respect for self, respect for others and respect for our school.  To achieve these goals we will need the input, assistance and support of all the members of the school community.  We will strive to work in partnership with parents, and our parish to provide the students with a safe, nurturing and effective learning environment.

How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students

The parents of the students who attend St. Norbert Catholic School have chosen to send their children to a Catholic school in the expectation that they will be educated to their fullest potential in accordance with Catholic beliefs and traditions. In addition, there are expectations of a safe and welcoming environment that fosters growth in all areas of development: spiritual, physical, social, emotional and intellectual.
To ensure the “safe arrival” of our students, parents are encouraged to contact the school if their child will be absent or late arriving. The school secretary endeavours to contact parents if students have not arrived at school in an effort to guarantee their safety. The importance of keeping home and business phone numbers current cannot be overemphasized.
As a school community, we pray communally each day and reflect on our shared beliefs. Through the religious education and family life programs, attitudes of courtesy, respect, justice and fair play are developed. In terms of a code of behaviour, students are expected to:
  • Arrive at school on time each day prepared for the day's instructions
  • Conduct themselves appropriately at all times in the classroom, playground, school bus and excursions
  • Speak with kindness and courtesy to everyone at all times
  • Respect the right and property of individuals and the school
  • Be a positive role model for peers at all times
  • Demonstrate tolerance for the beliefs, customs and traditions of others
  • Diligently complete their assigned tasks to the best of their ability
  • Reflect positively on the reputation of their families and their school community
Many students identified as exceptional receive small group instruction in the Special Education Resource rooms on both withdrawal and registered basis. Our School-Based Support Team assists teachers in modifying the program for students who are experiencing difficulty or who require enrichment. The core French program is taught from grades 1 to 8. Students receive 100 minutes of instruction per week in grades 1 to 6 and 200 minutes in grades 7 and 8. Our international language program is offered to all students. Italian is taught for 150 minutes a week per class except for kindergarten which receives 75 minutes per week.
The vocal and instrumental music programs foster an appreciation for music and the arts. The skills which students acquire in the instructional classes are applied in performance areas such as choir performances, band concerts and liturgical celebrations.
We provide our students with opportunities for positive and meaningful participation in the life of the school. Student Leaders, in the Intermediate Division, offer positive role models for the younger students, encourage school spirit and represent the student voice at the Catholic School Advisory Council meetings. Student involvement in both co-curricular and extra-curricular activities is strongly supported by staff and parents. Children learn new skills and games as well as encouraging their innate talents. Our organized school sports teams help bring an added dimension to the lives of our children while teaching them critical life skills such as team work and good sportsmanship.