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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Cross Country
On April 19th  St. Norbert’s school participated in the Cross Country Divisional Meet, 58 students participated and 14 students advance to the Regional trials.  The Grade 8 girls team came in second overall in the Divisional Meet.  On April 24th the Regional Trials were held on a very cold and blustery day, two runners advanced to the City Finals.   We are proud of our St. Norbert Cross Country team!
Grade 6 (2000m) Boys
1. Gian luca Di Giovanni
2. Alex Gebreamlak
3. Jayden Lo Gatto
4. Lucas Omazic
5. Jessie Rarang
6. Lucas Salpietro
Grade7 (2000m) Girls
1. Josie Galloro
2. Kristina Giordano
3. Gabriella Young
Grade 7 (2500m) Boys
1. Julian Berardi
2. John Mazzilli
3. Christian Malapitan
4. Kyle Quinagoran
5. Mark Rabanes
Grade 8 (2500m) Girls
1. Asucena Di Giovanni
2. Tiffany Orellana
3. Isabella Piccirilli
4. Sabrina Ravenda
Grade 8 (3000m) Boys
1. Jeremy Balaba
2. Joshua Gallina
3. Anthony Gallippi
4. Adam Gullusci
5. Sean Lejao
6. Helder Silva
7. Austin Wardman
Gr. 3 (1500m) Girls
1. Elisa Nicosia
2. Tayvia Nota
3. Lauren Grossi
4. Emily Tamburro
5. Natassia Duhaney
6. Ashley Merino
7. Samantha Signorile
8. Madison McNeil
Gr. 3 (1500m) Boys
1. Matthew Iannantuono
2. Bradley Lusk
3. Hans Birosel
4. Karl Mondonedo
5. Nevan Lobban
Gr. 4 (1500m) Girls
1. Sabrina Gebreamlak
2. Laura Giordano
3. Elise Grossi
Gr. 4. (1500m) Boys
1. Anthony Di Nicolo
2. Janhero Oliveros
3. Francesco Landaverde
4. Anthony Galloro
Grade 5 (2000m) Girls
1. Marisol Calle-Blandon
2. Madison Di Santo
3. Ashley Costa
4. Bianca Stina
5. Melissa Gallippi
Grade 5 (2000m) Boys
1. Nicholas Gallina
2. Daniel George
3. Ryan Greco-Gianmarco
4. Sheldon Grant
5. Nicolino Iacobucci
6. Andrew Omazic
Grade 6 (2000m) Girls
1. Kristan Amendola
2. Carina Fernandez`1
3. Nikki Galloro
4. Mia Padula
We  Made It To  City Finals
On Wednesday May 2, 2012, St Norbert was represented by Mia Padula and Isabella Piccirilli at the Cross Country City Finals.  They both ran a great race showing dedication and enthusiasm.  Mia and Isabella both finished 37th in their races.  Great job girls!
A special thank you to all our coaches:               Ms. Di Gregorio, Ms. Bonanno-Sofras,
Ms. Caruso-Muccin,  Ms. Palarchio,                   Ms. Lavecchia, Ms. D. Perricone
running by johnny_automatic - an illustration from Physics for Entertainment by Yakov Isidorovich Perelman from