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Principal's Message
Thank you to all staff, parents and students for your warm welcome to St. Paschal Baylon School. It is evident from the excellent behaviour of our students that they and their families are committed to learning in a safe, inclusive and caring environment.  Our school community is vibrant and engaging.  Our school is dedicated to nurturing your child academically, physically and spiritually through our faith based curriculum and caring Catholic environment.  Our academic focuses in Literacy and Numeracy are addressed on a daily basis.  Among the many programs and services offered at St. Paschal Baylon School are: a snack program, full day kindergarten (effective September 2014), a computer lab, instrumental and vocal music, sports teams and various clubs.  We plan and implement many activities that bring together students to complement our monthly virtues:  Stand Up to Bullying Day, Roots of Empathy Program, Carnival across the World, African Canadian Heritage Month and Asian Heritage Month activities to name a few.  Our students excel at the various Music Festivals they attend – junior choir, intermediate choir and band – and have been given accolades for their fine efforts and accomplishments.
The St. Paschal Baylon Staff is deeply committed to teaching your child and encouraging them to reach their individual potential.  Each staff member works hard to provide exciting and enriching learning experiences that are often enhanced by technology.  Our parents are committed to assisting us to provide the best possible learning experiences for their children and to this end they are supportive and cooperative of school initiatives.  Our CSAC is very involved and meets monthly to discuss school initiatives and school needs.  We are truly fortunate to be part of such an engaging community.  We are also blessed to have a wonderful relationship with our Parish Team.  Our pastor from St. Paschal Baylon Church, Father Vincenzo Rosati, as well as Father Giampietro Lazzarato and Father Anthony Pizarro, grace us with Eucharistic celebrations, confessions and ongoing faith support.
Ms. Gallo and I welcome all families to our school community and we are looking forward to sharing in many experiences together!