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Dress Code and Uniform


It is mandatory that all St. Patrick’s students wear our school uniform. Our uniform policy conforms to the “Code of Dress” guidelines of the Toronto Catholic District School Board. The purpose of the school uniform is to instil a sense of pride and identity with the St. Patrick’s community. As well, the neat appearance of students contributes to the good order and atmosphere in the school, and a uniform contributes to the overall school safety and security. Students should be neat and well groomed at all times. Head apparel of any kind is not to be worn on the school premises. Bandanas are prohibited at St. Patrick’s; regardless of where or how they are worn. 


Students must wear the complete uniform while on school property at all times during the school day, including the lunch period. Alternate footwear and outer jackets may be worn to and from school in inclement weather, but they must be stored in student lockers as soon as the student enters the building. Students must remove their hats as soon as they enter the building. All students are expected to wear the uniform to and from school.


Dress Code in TCDSB Schools


All Elementary schools within the jurisdiction of the Board shall adopt an Appropriate Dress Code or Uniform Dress Code.

All Secondary schools within the jurisdiction of the Board shall adopt a Uniform Dress Code.

Parents are encouraged to review the local dress code​ at their child’s school and to direct their questions to the principal of the school.