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St. Patrick’s Learning Goals

Saint Patrick is a Catholic community which serves the needs of a diverse student population.  We are a school where students thrive and where they are consistently challenged to excel in all areas of their lives.  Our faith based education includes ongoing liturgical celebrations, the teaching of Christian values and the role modeling of respect, inclusively and compassion.  Students witness their faith through transformative experiences in the areas of social justice, environmental stewardship and service leadership.  The student leadership program has been one of the school’s success stories.  Started to encourage students to be involved in their community, it continues to grow and evolve.  Student leaders receive leadership training, support our grade nine transition program (summer school/camp experience), and initiate several student led programs which support and benefit the school community, elementary schools and the local community.  In recent years, the student leadership has been expanded to include a credit bearing course, workshops, peer tutoring and a greater breadth of transformative experiences.  The school is working with the Search Institute to build capacity around “Developmental Assets” in adolescence which will support student success and student leadership at St. Patrick.
Academic success has been a focus in the school over the past few years.  There has been a paradigm shift in the school vision and philosophy.  We are now focused on every student achieving to their fullest potential.  We believe every student must have opportunities to have transformative experiences to capture their imagination and reveal their gifts.  The change in attitude is visible in our new school uniforms, but also in our academic success.  Over the past few years we have seen a dramatic increase in student pass rates and credit accumulation.  The school continues to work on improving our OSSLT and EQAO pass rate, as well as increasing our overall pass rates in grade 9-12.