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Computer Science


At St Patrick, we believe that all students should have the opportunity to learn Coding. Software powers the world, and high level thinkers are needed to understand how software works. In the past 5 years, Computer Science has grown from 3 courses to presently 7 courses for College and University students, from Grade 10 to Grade 12. Furthermore we were able to find a couple of days this summer to introduce The Power of Coding into the Grade 9 Summer Transition Program. Next year we are introducing Computer Science and Coding as a Technology Component for Grade Nines and also hope to introduce a specially designed Computer Science Course to ESL students, new to the country. As more students and parents realize that Coding is important in our world, we have listened! At St Patrick we believe that it is important for students graduating with some knowledge of how the Computing World works! We believe coding must become part of student’s fundamental skill set when they graduate from St Patrick.  


Students work on computer hard drive​Students working on the hard drive of a computer. 

Students show their computer desktopStudents working on the hard drive of a computer.