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The ESL Department at St Patrick Catholic Secondary School is proud of its culturally diverse community, and we continue to welcome students from the Orientation Centre and also many VISA/International students who are increasingly choosing to study and be a part of our dynamic school which offers programmes and activities for students of all backgrounds and interests. All of our ELL students receive various types of academic and social support both in and out of school. They are also encouraged to be fully integrated in school life and to participate in co-curricular activities throughout the school year.
ESL Courses: (We are one of the few schools who offer ESL courses at all levels, from Beginners to Level 5, which allows students a smoother transition into regular English)
v  ESLAO (Level 1) Beginning Communication in English
v  ESLBO (Level 2) English in Daily Life
v  ESLCO (Level 3) English for School and Work
v  ESLDO (Level 4) Study Skills in English
v  ESLEO (Level 5) Bridge to English
Each ELL student will be placed in the appropriate ESL level while studying other secondary curriculum subjects in which they will receive support and guidance in order to be successful, graduate and choose a suitable postsecondary pathway for their skills and interests.


This is one of many groups and organizations that are offered for our newcomers at St. Patrick Catholic Secondary School. Under the direction of our Settlement Worker, this group usually meets once a week during lunch. Newcomers come together to share their experiences, have questions and concerns answered and form a close bond as a community within a community. Throughout the year, the Settlement Worker also invites guest speakers to these sessions, speaks to the parents/guardians of these students and is the main link to outside organizations, which help these students and their families with housing, employment and community involvement.
In the past few years, ESL students have participated in and enjoyed various trips around Toronto, to Niagara Falls and even to Niagara on the Lake to watch a musical and go on a tour behind the scenes to meet with the actors.
Last April 2014, our ESL students from both semesters and a few of the FSL students, travelled together with some of our ESL teachers, our VP Ms. Laidlaw and our  Guidance counsellor, Ms. Kacala-Blinco, to La Belle Province de Québec. Please click on the video below and Enjoy!