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Health and Physical Education


We offer an exciting and well balanced programme. Our motto is to make sure the each students has a great deal of Fun while achieving the fundamentals of the various activities through the Ministry expectations.


It is important to have a strong inclusive programme that reaches out to all our students regardless of ability or strengths. 


Our school has a state of the art weight room with an array of cardio equipment that helps everyone achieve the goals of a well rounded personal fitness programme. Although this room is used mostly for class purposes we do have co curricular classes in the morning, at lunch and after school.


We have an updated and a state of the art pool that is used for recreation, teams and classes.


The double gym has electrically operated bleachers with a score clock that counts down the the tenth of a second and coming soon the shot clocks for basketball. 


We have a full comprehensive extra curricular programme for both girls and boys ranging from basketball to ball hockey, fitness classes, aerobic challenges and much much more.


Our sports teams are well balanced and cover all four seasons. The sports are: Cross Country, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, in class Flag football, in class European Handball, Track and Field, Baseball, recreational Ice Hockey that pits the skills of students against the lack of skills the teachers have on a weekly basis throughout the fall, winter and spring. 


We offer a great recreational lunchtime programme of soccer, basketball, volleyball and floor hockey. Each day the gym is at capacity with students having a great deal of fun and activity.


I would like to add that I am very proud of what we have achieved over the years and proud of the programme we offer all our students.

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​​​​​Grade 9 Students participate in the Amazing Race at High Park.​