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St. Patrick’s Physical Education Department offers exciting and challenging physical education courses at all grade levels.

The key goals of the health and physical education program include the following:

  • Have each student participate regularly in a wide variety of physical activities.
  • Improve each student's level of physical fitness.
  • Provide each student with the health and knowledge required to make healthy decisions.
  • Challenge each student to improve communication, decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • Support and empower each student to increase control over physical, social and mental/emotional well-being.
  • Students will be taught movement, strategies, teamwork, health-related fitness to build social, psychomotor and cognitive skills for a future of healthy living and a sense of care for others and the community in relation to the teachings of the Catholic Church.​



Our school is blessed with many state of the art facilities for our students to enjoy, including: 

  • Double gym - with electronic retractable bleachers
  • Weight Room – equipped with machines, free weights, medicine balls & more.
  • Aerobics studio
  • Swimming pool – 25 yards/22.8m
  • Artificial turf FIFA grade outdoor field

Department Site: 

For course offerings and more department information, check out the Phys. Ed Department website!​