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INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGES – French, Spanish, and Italian
Why study languages?
Students at St Patrick Catholic Secondary School are strongly encouraged to continue French throughout their four years of secondary education and even pick up a second or third international language as they explore various postsecondary paths and career choices.
A student who embraces the study of languages acquires many more skills and opportunities for potential careers in TRAVEL AND TOURISM, HOSPITALITY, JOURNALISM, RADIO AND TELEVISION, TEACHING, TRANSLATION AND INTERPRETER, and various INTERNATIONAL JOBS.
The focus of every course in the Moderns Department is to develop the written and oral skills necessary to become life-long language learners.
Vive Le Francais1.jpg 
French Courses: FSF1D1 –In this Grade 9 Academic course, students are encouraged to communicate in French as they try to improve their written and oral skills. Students will also acquire a better understanding and appreciation of diverse French-speaking communities.
FSF1P1 – This Grade 9 Applied course emphasizes the practical application of the same knowledge and skills taught in the FSF1D1.
FSF2D1- This course allows students to communicate more independently about real-life situations while encouraging personal opinions and spontaneous spoken interactions.
 FSF3U –Throughout this course, the creative and critical thinking skills in French will improve through the exploration of various oral and written texts, and students will continue to broaden their appreciation of French culture and lifestyles.
FSF4U -  This course provides extensive opportunities for the student to gain more independence and interact in French and also acquire a better appreciation of French literature and culture.
*After successfully completing grades 9-12 French, the student will be awarded THE TCDSB FRENCH CERTIFICATE.
Spanish courses LWSBD/BO –In these Level 2 courses, students develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Through various interactive activities, students expand vocabulary and explore cultural aspects of the language.                                              
LWSCU/CO – These Level 3 courses offer students further opportunities to gain confidence in the study of the language and improve their critical and creative thinking skills through diverse selections of literature.
LWSDU/DO- These Level 4 courses are preparation courses for students who wish to pursue Spanish at the postsecondary level. Their written and oral language skills are refined through the increase of complex linguistic elements, and a wide variety of literary texts.
*After successfully completing Levels 2-4 Spanish, the student will be awarded THE TCDSB SPANISH CERTIFICATE.

Italian courses LWIBD–In this Level 2 course, students participate in a variety of interactive activities which will improve their comprehension, speaking, reading and writing skills. They will also explore cultural elements of Italy and its people.
LWICU/CO – These Level 3 courses offer students further opportunities to gain confidence in the study of the language and improve their writing and speaking skills through selections of texts, interactive activities and a study of short stories in Italian.
*After successfully completing Levels 2-4 Italian, the student will be awarded THE TCDSB ITALIAN CERTIFICATE.