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Special Needs Programme

  (ISP Programme)


Our goal is to nurture the needs of our students who make up this very vital and energetic programme. The students are supported by our extremely dedicated support staff and teachers and are encouraged to become as independent as possible in order to increase their options for the future after leaving St. Patrick C.S.S.


The very active programme we run focuses on integration into the community, whether it be the school community, the immediate community outside the school or the community of the world in general. Students are involved in experiences such as competing in various sports while representing the school as a team, being exposed to fine dining at the Eagle’s Nest Country Club through a Christmas Banquet, learning vocational skills and practicing personal life skills through Adaptive Work Experience (Co-operative Education) and much more.  Each year new experiences complement the in-school component to foster growth and independence.


Our students have become an essential and vital part of the St. Patrick school community. Staff develops student potential to participate and contribute in meaningful fashion to activities, attitudes and daily life at St. Patrick’s.  The Starbucks Coffee Truck, run by our own students, develops both social and vocational skills, transforming the day from just okay to great for all who meet them during the morning.   Students take part in the Eucharistic Procession of the Gifts at school masses and perform for elementary schools in the annual Haunted House.  In short, our programme offers students the opportunity to both build on personal strengths and develop previously undeveloped skills to become the best they can be and members of the community of the world. ​