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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Saint Patrick



“Creativity is the single most important leadership trait for the future”

(IBM, 2010)
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The Media Technology program at St. Patrick is an auditioned four year enriched arts and technology program designed to develop students into “creative leaders” equipped with communication technology tools and a design thinking mindset for success in the 21st century. This program is a first of its kind in the TCDSB.
This auditioned class will focus on recognizing twenty-first century competencies such as creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving and communication through the design lens. Students will become fluent in digital visual language. Influenced by the design thinking model as an approach for generating creative solutions by examining human behaviour, needs and preferences. St. Patrick boasts three Mac labs, as well as, a laser cutter and the Adobe Creative Cloud software. The Communications Technology and Visual Arts courses provide students with opportunities to bring their creative ideas to life while developing their digital design skills. Auditioned students will be required to take Communication Technology and Media Arts reinforcing consistent interpretation, ideation, experimentation and the evolution of ideas. Students will produce portfolio pieces for post secondary interviews and learn how to dissect their work and pitch ideas based on their research and creative development.
Sir Ken Robinson, author and international advisor on education, explained that

“creativity now is as important in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status".(2006)

Audition Requirements

Click here for more information about audition requirements, including portfolio details.  ​