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Educators from Singa​pore Visit St. Patrick

A group of 8 educators from Singapore in the Leaders in Education Programme (LEP) from the National Institute of Education, Singapore visited TCDSB schools in late May. They were among the most recent visitors from overseas who were interested to learn about Catholic schools in Toronto.

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The LEP is a 6-month executive course organised by the National Institute of Education, Singapore for selected senior education officers to prepare them for leadership in schools. The programme seeks to enable its graduates to lead the schools to new realms of educational excellence.
One of the signature components of this programme is the International Education Visit, whereby participants will visit another country to explore aspects of an alternate education system so as to obtain different perspectives of education. We will be visiting Ontario from 16 to 30 May to deepen our understanding of the education system in Canada and how the schools build a stronger professional collaboration and community.
At St Pat’s, the visitors were treated to an overview of the education in the school, information about the school’s approach to instructional pedagogies (innovations & improvements to uplift standards), pupil development (in particular on inclusiveness & integration of immigrants and special needs pupils in mainstream education) and capacity building of staff. They also toured many of the classrooms and specialty areas including the SHSM program.