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Ask Us


​1. How many light standards will there be and how high will they be where will they be located (eg. 1 on each end and 2 on each side)?

There will be 3 lig​ht poles on each side of the field (for a total of 6 versus 12 under the Ryerson project).  The light poles will be approx 60 feet tall.  The taller light poles were recommended by engineers to ensure that light goes directly onto the field and does not "spill or spray" outside of the field into adjacent properties.  New cutting edge LED lights were selected that will minimize the light cut off at the field edges which also means light levels on the field will be 40% of what was being proposed in the Ryerson plan.

2. Residents are concerned about the new smell (rubber like) that emanates from a new field. Is this permanent or dissipates and is it harmful?​

There will be no smell that comes from the field.  The field base will be comprised mostly of sand with some rubber.  This is common in the majority of the new City of Toronto turf fields that are installed.


3. What is the filler in the turf, is it recycled rubber particle or silica?

See above.

4. How high is the fence along the south side fence to separate from the house backyards and will you look at using mesh (like for baseball and hockey) for the upper areas to prevent balls from coming over?

The fence will be staggered between 6 ft and 20 ft on the south side of the field.  Ivy will be planted along the fence and new trees will also be planted to improve the appearance and provide additional privacy for homeowners. Based on our experience with similar field locations, the fence height should be sufficient so we do not anticipate high performance mesh/netting will be needed. However we will monitor the situation closely.

5. Ryerson is not a partner in this project now, could it be one in the future? Is there any plan in the future to bring in a new partner? 

Ryerson is not involved in any current or future plans for St. Patrick’s Field. As was noted during the meeting, Ryerson’s original reason for partnering with the TCDSB was to host their intercollegiate games at St. Patrick as their home field. This meant renovations that would have to adhere to not only FIFA standards, but also CIS (Canadian Interuniversity Sport) requirements for an adequate clubhouse with equipment storage, change rooms, showers, bleachers/stands etc. The TCDSB has no plans nor the funds to build that type of facility. It is strictly a sports/soccer field renovation designed for student and community use. 

With regards specifically to the question about future potential partners for St. Patrick and the field, you may be aware that in 2016 the Ontario government initiated a strategic framework and action plan to encourage the establishment of community hubs and partnerships based on the reality that today’s schools are not just schools but community assets. Partnerships between schools and organizations/agencies are encouraged under the Community Hubs strategic framework to focus on finding smarter, better ways to deliver the best possible value for every dollar spent. As is the case for all our TCDSB schools, we will continue to work to meet the needs of our growing and diverse population, including exploring partnerships that may benefit the school and local community as a whole.

6. Will the lights be turned off after evening games, at what time? Also at what times in the evenings and weekends will permit holders have to leave?

Lights will be controlled by timers, and will only be in use during school games and designated permit times. Lights will be turned off when games/permit times end. For example, if a permit finishes at 10 p.m., the lights will be out at 10 p.m. As per Board policy, permit users who loiter after their time ends risk having their permits revoked.

7. Will there be an electronic scoreboard? 

No. As this is a field renovation, not a stadium project​, there are no plans, no budget, and no space on the field to accommodate an electronic sign/scoreboard.

8. When will permits be in use?​

The Board is currently reviewing the hours of operation for the new field. We will monitor and limit the permits this fall to ensure that any concerns are addressed and resolved in a timely manner. Please note that the field will not be permitted during winter months (i.e. mid November – mid March).​

9. Will the lights be on every day even when permit holders are not using the field? If so, when will they be turned off?

See response #6 above.

10. Will parking be allowed in the lot?

There will be no changes to the school parking lot and its restrictions. The public will continue to be permitted to park in the lot after school hours, as they do now.​

11. Will there be an athletic track as part of the new facility? 


​12. Will the south facing fence on Torbrick Road be fixed or removed following construction of the field? 

The existing fence indicated was kept in place for the field construction period in order to protect existing trees. As there are several existing trees that are growing in the fence line, after consultation with community members it was determined that the community did not want to see the existing trees removed or disturbed. As a result, the Board decided to plant more trees in this general area and clean up the existing space, without disturbing what has already grown along the south fence line.

13. Will there be a clean-up of all the dead leafs and garbage, as well as repairs to fence damage, which has resulted from the construction?

Upon completion of the project the contractor will ensure that all garbage, construction equipment and materials will be cleaned up. At that time, the Board will do a final inspection with the contractor to identify any deficiencies. TCDSB maintenance staff will be included and will determine the scope of repairs to the existing fence. That portion of the work will be done in-house once the contractor has vacated the site.