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St. Patrick Secondary School New Soccer Field

Frequently asked questions:



What are the plans for the new soccer field at St. Patrick Secondary School?
In the summer of 2017, the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) will begin to replace the existing, unusable, and unsafe grass soccer field at St. Patrick Catholic Secondary School with a FIFA-grade turf field similar to our other TCDSB schools and City of Toronto fields. The new field will be used by St. Patrick students during regular school hours, and available for community use outside of these hours (which is approximately 50% or more of the time). There is also additional free community access outside of permit times.


Is this the same as the previous Ryerson Soccer Field Project?
NO. Ryerson University is no longer a partner. This is a replacement of the current grass field with a synthetic turf field only. There will be NO bleachers/stands or a Club House which was part of the previous Ryerson project. Over the next 2 years, the TCDSB plans to improve and revitalize sports fields at several schools across the City of Toronto. For example: Archbishop Romero CSS ($1.4M); Our Lady of Sorrows ($900K); Michael Power-St. Joseph ($750K).


Will there be lights?
Yes, Musco LED lights will be installed. These high-tech LEDs limit light spillage into the surrounding area. We also acknowledged the feedback we received from the community last year and less lights will be installed than in the original Ryerson plan.


When will construction start? When will construction be completed?
Construction for the new field will begin in mid-July 2017, and is expected to last 8-9 weeks, depending on the weather. The field should be ready for use by September 2017.


When does the community use period begin and end?
The field will not be locked up, so the community will have open and free access to the field before school and when the field is not in permit use.  Community access is very important, as getting young people active is a community health priority. Scheduled and advertised open community use times will be posted on the Board’s community bulletin board. We expect the field to be primarily used by the residents living in the community.


Are there plans to construct a “Dome” over the field for year-long use?
There are NO plans to construct a dome and the field will NOT be renovated with any of the necessary infrastructure to support a dome. This field is only designed for local school, and community use.


What about parking?
All parking spaces at the school will remain. We do not anticipate any parking issues as the new field is intended primarily for community use and permits. Being conveniently located between 2 nearby Bloor-Danforth line subway stops means that many users tend to “go green” and take the TTC.


How will the field renovation affect the Child Care operation in the school?
The safety of the school’s youngest occupants is our greatest priority. The Board will help school staff coordinate drop-off and pick-up times to ensure there is no construction vehicles/delivery traffic at these key times. Board staff have been working with the Child Care to set up a safe, temporary, alternative play area.  As well, the new field construction will take into consideration the potential to undertake a longstanding planned renovation to create a new outdoor play space for child care-age children in the school.​