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About Us 

St. Pius X Catholic School has successfully completed a new addition to the existing building with a six-classroom addition. This merging of the old with the new building created a much needed face lift, allowing the six classes not to add to the capacity of the school, but rather, to allow all of our students to be under one roof (no more portables) in a school space intended for student use.

The last number of years have seen our school significantly over-subscribed. In an effort to “right size” our school, attendance fixed boundaries have been put into place (as of September 2009) for registration at St. Pius X. In addition to the standard registration requirements for student registration with the Toronto Catholic District School Board, families looking to register at St. Pius X Catholic School must have their primary residence within the following fixed attendance boundary:

North: Baby Point Rd/Humbercrest Lane/Methuen Ave/Ardagh St
South: Lakeshore Blvd West
East: Runnymede Rd/Bloor St. West/Wendigo Way/Ellis Park Rd/Ellis Ave
West: Humber River


Mission Statement

The staff, students and parents of St. Pius X Catholic School believe in academic excellence, a strong belief in God, and an integrated, family-based network of support to create responsible, mature and compassionate citizens.

 Our Catholic School Philosophy

The ultimate goal of a Catholic School Community is to develop the whole person with Christ as both ideal and model. Our education process is based on the values that Jesus taught us: love, non-violence, compassion, trust, fairness, cooperation and reverence for the human family and all life on our planet. St. Pius X’s Code of Conduct is intended to reflect a message of love and to encourage our students to become true Christians who are able to show this love and respect to all people.

Parents and educators have the responsibility to help students develop self-discipline, self-control and appropriate social skills. Only when students are in control of themselves can effective instructions take place. This Code of Conduct is designed to create an atmosphere in which all individuals may perform their tasks without interference.
Since behaviour is developmental in nature and is influenced by many factors, young people will not always make good choices. Even as adults, sometimes we need to make better choices. Keeping this in mind, there will be times when students will need to be reminded of the behaviour that is expected. Consequences have been established for those times when the guidelines are not followed.

The goal of any consequence is to bring about positive change in behaviour. The link between the consequence and the inappropriate behavior should be logical. The important thing is that all parents and staff see discipline as part of an ongoing, day to day teaching-learning process.


How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students

Our school policy encompasses routines and procedures which ensure a safe and welcoming learning environment for all students. The code of behavior emphasizes mutual respect, conflict resolution and self-discipline. The safe arrival program encourages constant home to school communication when a student is absent or late.

Our instructional programs are continually being adapted to meet the individual needs of our students. Students who experience difficulty with regular classroom work are discussed in our school-based support network, and instruction is modified as needed. If necessary, we can call upon the support of the joint team, which includes TCDSB staff such as a social worker, psychometrician, assessment and programming teacher, and other specialized personnel.  Parents are always invited to participate in the review process, and are kept apprised of modifications and progress.

St. Pius X has always had a strong extra-curricular program which includes concerts, W5H, chess club, and many intramural and intermural athletic competitions, including soccer, volleyball, basketball, cross-country and track and field.