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Principal's Message


It is my pleasure, on behalf of the staff of St. Pius X Catholic School, to welcome all our current students and their families to our school community, as well as welcoming all who have newly joined us. We do look forward to working with you and your children in striving to provide a year filled with interesting educational experiences and activities to stimulate and challenge our students on their journey. This is not something, however, that we can achieve on our own and so, look forward to working together in community with you, the parents, and our parish to make a positive difference in your child’s life, one that they will cherish forever.


The beginning of the school year saw our junior students, as well as our intermediate classes, transitioning to and from St. Vincent de Paul. With the completion of the south-east stairwell, we were able to welcome our intermediate students and staff back to the Jane Street location following the Christmas Break. With the highly anticipated completion of the addition, our junior students and staff were welcomed back following the March Break. I offer a most heartfelt "Thank You" to our students, staff and parent community for their understanding and forbearance throughout our construction process.