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School History And Tradition

St. Pius X Catholic School has already more than surpassed its 80th anniversary and is looking none the worse for its age. The original brick building was erected in 1922 and remained as it was until 1969 when the kindergarten classes, gymnasium and library were built, but not attached, to the older building. With tremendous help from the parent community, the most recent renovations to the school were continued in 1988 and finally all parts of the school (old and new) were joined together. The school community was very pleased that the old brick structure was kept intact, particularly the 12-foot high ceilings in all the classrooms.

The long history of St. Pius X Catholic School has been dotted with many memorial happenings. Athletic teams, in all sports, have performed exceptionally well, as have the W5H (quiz) teams. Public speaking was a forte of many of the school’s graduates. In 1984, the 150th birthday of Toronto, a time capsule was placed in the wall of the school with of-the-day memorabilia, not to be opened until 2034.