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School Mission and Vision

play grow.jpgSt. Raphael Catholic School is dedicated to excellence in education and to the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical development of the whole child within the framework of Gospel values.  Nurturing Catholic Community Through prayer, worship, liturgy, and action, we will encourage and strive to strengthen the child’s relationship with God and with one another as respected and responsible members of society.​


Learning and Achievement

Through the unique talents and learning styles of each child, we will teach the fundamental skills while promoting critical thinking, teamwork and ownership of learning.


Building Capacity to Lead and Learn

Through stewardship education, social justice teaching, creative and expressive arts, academic and athletic participation, leadership training, technology integration, and community service projects, we will strive to promote the growth and development of the whole child.



Safety is of paramount importance at the school.  Supervision is provided from 8:00 a.m. in the school yard; the teachers supervise and monitor the exit and entrance of the students to/from the school.  Students are reminded to play safely and this is reinforced daily in the classrooms and over the daily announcements.


 A safe arrival program is in place at the school.  Parents are encouraged to call the school to report a child’s absence.  Parents are requested to leave their message on the automated telephone answering service. If parents do not call the school, school staff calls the parents of the children who are absent.  
Students are not permitted to leave school during school hours unless they have a dated and signed permission note from their parents.  A “sign in/out book” is required to be signed, when a student leaves school during school hours.