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The 2019/2020 school year has finally begun. We hope that you had a wonderful summer. September is always an exciting time for staff, parents and students alike, and a time filled with new beginnings, friendships and nervous anticipation. I am very excited to be back at St. Raphael School and I wish those that are not returning a great new beginning in their school communities.


On behalf of the St. Raphael School Community, we would like to welcome everyone back to another school year. We would also like to extend a special welcome to all new students and parents to the community of St. Raphael School! A special welcome to our new Vice Principal Mr. Montanari. We ​hope that you all had a relaxing and fun-filled summer with your family and friends and that you are eager to begin another exciting and rewarding academic year.


For the school year of 2019/2020, we will to continue to focus our attention on improving student learning and achievement. Our goal is for all students to achieve academic success.  Our focus, once again, will be on numeracy and literacy, as these are vital curriculum areas that are vehicles to ALL learning today and the future of all our students.


As a school community, we will be paying close attention to how various learning skills will assist students in achieving academic success. Learning begins in the home, please help us by supporting your child(ren) to read daily and look for math in their daily lives. Encouraging your children to see how mathematics is everywhere and used  as an opportunity to learn. Also, help your child(ren) find effective ways of extending their learning skills into their daily lives and in the world around them.

Every month we will be highlighting the theological virtues. The virtue of the month for September is Hospitality. Students will be encouraged to look for ways and take action to ensure that all members of our community feel welcomed and valued.

We look forward to working together to provide an excellent Catholic education for all our students.


God Bless!

R. Zaccak-Di Felice                        Nino Montanari

Principal                                          Vice-Principal