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School History 

In the fall of 1966 the construction of the first addition was begun, with its completion in February of 1967. On March 5, 1967 the school was officially blessed by Very Rev. P.H. Johnson, the then vice-chairman of the Metropolitan Separate School Board (now the Toronto Catholic District School Board).  St. Raphael Catholic School was built in 1962 and opened in September of that year with a total enrolment of 347 students coming from St. Philip Neri and St. Charles Catholic Schools. The first principal was Mr. William Crosan.  In recent years, due to the increase in student population, we have 8 portables sitting on our property. In addition, landscaping was done at the front of the school,  new trees planted and a teaching circle was added. The kindergarten yard was expanded and enclosed. The retaining wall on Ianhall was rebuilt, a higher fence and wider stairs for easy access were also included. Garbage and recycling bins were installed in the school yard as well as some seating rocks. This fresh new look outdoors has been uplifting to our school community.

Archangel Raphael


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The school is named after the Archangel Raphael which in Hebrew means “God has healed”. St. Raphael is the angel of healing of the sick. We learn in the Book of Tobit how God sends Raphael to an old man named Tobias to cure him of an eye disease which had caused his blindness. St. Raphael is also considered the patron of travelers. When the elderly Tobias wanted to collect a debt he sent his son, also named Tobias, on a long journey to get the money. It is Raphael, disguised as a human being, who acts as a guide for the young Tobias, steering him clear of all dangers on the journey. For instance, at one point in their travels, a huge fish attacks Tobias. However, he follows the advice of his guide Raphael, grasps the fish and takes out its heart, gall and liver. These are later used as a medicine to cure the blindness of the elderly Tobias.    St. Raphael is also the patron of young people. Raphael arranged a meeting between young Tobias and Sarah who were later married.  St. Raphael’s feast day is celebrated on September 29. The school body always holds a Mass on that day (outdoors, weather permitting) to thank St. Raphael for the many blessings he gives to our school community.




Our school has a long history of active involvement in the area of sports. We participate in all sports from soccer (junior and intermediate levels, girls and boys), basketball (junior and intermediate levels, girls and boys), volleyball (junior and intermediate levels, girls and boys), junior indoor soccer, tennis, cross country, track and field, and co-ed Ultima frisbee. We participate in chess tournaments and both junior and intermediate W5H. We host primary and junior house league activities over lunch. In addition, our intermediate students serve as DPA (daily physical activity) leaders for primary and junior classes.






Make a difference.jpgSt.Raphael is also very active in raising funds for local charities. At one time, we participated in the Terry Fox Run. In recent years, we have participated and will continue to participate in fundraising for the Heart and Stroke Foundation (Jump for Heart, Hoops for Heart). In May, our school participates in the Hospital for Sick Children’s Meagan’s Walk. Many staff, students, and parents participate in this fundraiser and so it becomes a family event. The Student Council has raised funds for Christian Child Care so that we have adopted a girl, Jyothi Yeluri, from India. We have supported her for the past four years. On a smaller scale, we raise funds for Sharelife, Haiti, Christmas for Children, ME to WE, Change for the Environment, Children’s Wish Foundation, Kissograms, Mother's Day Carnations, Mini Draws, Candy Canes, Pennies collection for Meagan’s Walk, and Dress Down funds for local needy families.  In the last three years, our school has been involved in the Angel Foundation for Learning. This is a charitable organization run by TCDSB to benefit needy students in our community. We have supported their annual gala by providing (donating) hand made angels centrepieces made by students, staff, and parents, under the supervision of our child and youth worker. Our CSAC also annually donates funds to this worthy organization. 






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