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Toronto Catholic District School Board

School History And Tradition
St.Raymond Catholic School
St. Raymond was born in 1175 at Penafort, Catalonia. He devoted much of his life to helping the poor.
The famous incident which is recounted in the story of Raymond's life took place when he went with King James to Majorca. The King dismissed Raymond's request to return home. Relying on his faith and love of God, Raymond walked on the waves to his ship, spread his cloak to make a sail, made the sign of the cross then sailed to the distance harbour of Barcelona.
He continued to devote his life to the poor, thinking that poverty may well be the pathway to heaven. St. Raymond's feast day is celebrated on January 7th.
St. Raymond Catholic School is an inner-city school which was opened in 1964. Over its more than 50 year history, it has educated and nurtured thousands of children from many diversified cultural backgrounds.
In the name and spirit of our patron saint, we exercise and strengthen our Catholic faith through our traditions such as school masses, peace education and shared events with members of our school community.
School Environment And Peace Education

A high priority of the school is to ensure a safe and welcoming environment. The behaviour code is driven by respect for others and the development of each child's full potential. Particular attention is paid to the safe arrival of the students. Communication with the home to ensure accurate record-keeping is a well established routine. The peace education program is taught in all grades. It is a holistic approach to human interaction and teaches the children non-violent ways to deal with conflict and to live peacefully with each other.